Keeping IT Real: Creating a Functioning, Truly Digital Enterprise

Moogsoft | Friday December 9 2016

Don't fall into the hype cycle. The right mix of technology, processes, and people are what make a truly digital enterprise.

Keeping IT Real: Creating a Functioning, Truly Digital Enterprise

Today’s technology vendors and IT consultants are constantly claiming to have the secret to true digital transformation for Enterprise. But IT leaders are now seeing past this hype, and they need a realistic path to move forward.

On Thursday, December 8, Intellyx Principal Analyst Charles Araujo, joined by Moogsoft Product Marketer Sahil Khanna, presented a live webinar, “Keeping IT Real: How to Cut Through the BS and Create a Functioning Digital Enterprise.”

The recording of this webinar, along with the accompanying White Paper, are now available.

The Real Digital Enterprise

While adopting next-generation technologies like Puppet, Chef, Docker, AWS, and Mesosphere are certainly a step in the right direction, simply building a strong toolset doesn’t make your organization a Digital Enterprise. In reality, a Digital Enterprise isn’t defined by its technology, rather it is powered by it.

By adopting the right technologies that enable organizations to manage modern change and scale, and efficient resource allocation, enterprises can benefit from adaptable business models, continuous delivery, self-organizing management models, self-healing, business agility, and an overall competitive advantage.

Beyond the technology, a truly Digital Enterprise should embrace many qualities that tend to be avoided today. These include heterogenous IT spread across multiple locations, connection of legacy technologies with new tool, and the willing to ‘fail fast’ to pass potential pitfalls before they build to catastrophe.

From an IT Operations perspective, embracing failure and adopting the technology to learn from failure will allow organizations to automate a bulk of their manual operational processes and allocate their most valuable resources (people) to more important tasks require human cognition. Moogsoft is an Algorithmic IT Operations solution that offers learning and automation of IT incidents to enable the Digital Enterprise to manage change and scale.

Watch the Webinar and Read the White Paper

To view the webinar recording, click here.

To download the white paper, click here.

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