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Sahil Khanna | June 16, 2016

An xMatters / Moogsoft joint webinar on the transformation that both technologies have enabled within Enterprise DevOps orgs.

An xMatters / Moogsoft joint webinar on the transformation that both technologies have enabled within Enterprise DevOps orgs.

On Tuesday, June 14th, xMatters and Moogsoft joined forces to present a webinar focused on the transformation that both technologies have enabled within Enterprise DevOps organizations. During this webinar, Moogsoft’s Chief Evangelist, Richard Whitehead, and xMatters’ Director of Product Marketing, Mark Gabbard, explained the techniques that both technologies used to drastically improve the operational effectiveness of one leading digital entertainment company.

Prior to leveraging the two technologies, this entertainment company was facing the following challenges.

Challenges with Proactive Incident Management:

  • 30 min to detect a P1
  • 60 min to resolve a P1
  • 80% of incidents related to change
  • 60% of incidents customer identified
  • 20% repeat incidents
  • 10 people involved in P1/P2

Challenges with Communication during Incidents:

  • 30+ minutes to send out initial notification
  • Average response time measured in hours
  • Too much time spent tracking down resources, not fixing
  • Management team often left out of the loop

So how were they able improve the agility and effectiveness of their IT operations?

This customer invested in Moogsoft and xMatters to automatically achieve massive noise reduction, event correlation and intelligent communication. Through Moogsoft’s noise reduction and event correlation, users were able to quickly detect incidents and manage Situations (clusters of related alerts that narrate the lifecycle of an incident in real-time) as opposed to individual Alerts. By understanding the scope (processes and services impacted) of any particular Situation, xMatters is then able to intelligently communicate the Situation in accordance with this customer’s on-call schedule to optimize resource interaction with the Situation to ensure immediate resolution.

Today, this entertainment company uses Moogsoft to:

  • Detect P1 incidents in seconds
  • Resolve P1 incidents in minutes
  • Address incidents before customers do
  • Massively reduce repeat incidents
  • Reduce the number of resources dedicated to each incident

And they use xMatters to:

  • Send initial notifications in <7 minutes
  • Reduce response times to minutes
  • Shift primary resource’s focus to resolving
  • Deliver information to management team

With a tight integration, it’s now possible to achieve these benefits by leveraging Moogsoft and xMatters together.

Webinar Q&A

Due to time limitations, we could get through all of the questions that were asked. Here are the answers to a few of the additional questions we got:

Do you have a lot of false positives? What is done to prevent notifications going out when there really isn’t a problem?

No, the goal of Incident.MOOG is to send fewer, higher-quality notifications, to a more targeted group of recipients.

In fact, the result of moving away from Alert driven notification, to Situation based notification is so profound in reducing notification volume, we typically end up recommending our customers to “loosen the constraints” and become more tolerant of false-positives, because that is an indication you are successfully becoming more pro-active.

But that’s a topic for a dedicated discussion.

Do you support synchronizing to Remedy as a system of record?

Yes, Moogsoft supports a variety of Service Desk Management tools including Remedy, ServiceNow and Jira. Our API is flexible enough to integrate with home-grown ITSM solutions too.

Is there documentation available on how Moobots work?

Yes! Our Moobot documentation can be viewed here:

Does Moogsoft support multi-tenant architecture from where I can manage multiple customer and also manage access?

Yes, we support a number of multi-tenant options that are being utilized by our managed service provider customers.

Webinar Assets

Click here to view this webinar recording.

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