Top AIOps Thought Leaders of 2017
Sahil Khanna | January 10, 2017

A closer look at industry leaders who are driving the research and conversation around the importance of algorithmic IT operations.

A closer look at industry leaders who are driving the research and conversation around the importance of algorithmic IT operations.

For IT professionals with a passion for customer experience and service quality, AIOps (Algorithmic IT Operations) is the hottest thing since APM. As defined by Gartner Analyst Colin Fletcher, AIOps platforms “enable I&O leaders to meet the proactive, personal and dynamic demands of digital business by transforming the very nature of IT operations work via unprecedented, automated insight.”

As we see it — based upon the criteria of domain expertise, degree of influence, and significance to the field of AIOps — here are the top AIOps Thought Leaders to follow in 2017, in no particular order…

Colin Fletcher | Research Director, IT Operations Management at Gartner

Being the person who coined the term AIOps and has contributed the most substantial research, it’s no surprise to see Colin Fletcher at the top of this list. With over 20 years of industry experience at organizations like HP, Dell, BMC and Gartner, Fletcher has a deep background in IT Operations and has a breadth exposure to the most bleeding-edge technologies coming into the AIOps space. Fletcher actively publishes research focused on IT Operations Management for Gartner.

For more detail on the field of AIOps, read Colin’s research paper: Innovation Insight for Algorithmic IT Operations

Boštjan Kaluža | Chief Data Scientist at Evolven

Boštjan Kaluža is the Chief Data Scientist at Evolven. He’s also a hardcore researcher who’s done a lot of research into artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, machine learning, predictive analytics and anomaly detection.

Focusing on the detection of suspicious behavior and data analysis, Boštjan has published numerous articles in professional journals and delivered conference papers. In 2013, Boštjan published his first book on data science, Instant Weka How-to, exploring how to leverage machine learning using Weka. Boštjan is now working on his second book Practical Machine Learning in Java, scheduled to be published later this year. Boštjan is also the author and contributor to a number of patents in the areas of anomaly detection and pattern recognition.

Kalyan Kumar | CTO and EVP at HCL

Kalyan Kumar (KK) is the Global CTO for HCL’s IT Services and is the leader of DRYiCE Business Unit, a 21st century unified autonomics and orchestration platform business. In addition to DRYiCE, KK oversees the cloud services business unit across all service lines within HCL.

KK is actively engaged in number technology and industry advisory boards and has authored six books around IT Operations and Service Management. As HCL continues to adopt the newest technologies to their offering in order to optimize the agility of business around the world, KK will serve as a leading thought leader for AIOps in 2017.

Eric Sammer | CTO at Rocana

Eric Sammer is the CTO of Rocana and is passionate about showing large, complex enterprises new ways to solve complex IT infrastructure challenges. He is deeply entrenched in the open source community and has an ambition for solving difficult scaling and processing problems.

Eric has developed many of the best practices for developing large, distributed, data processing infrastructure required to achieve Digital Transformation, steering Rocana’s product development and company direction as CTO. He is the author of Hadoop Operations published by O’Reilly Media, and speaks frequently on technology and techniques for large scale data processing, integration, and system management.

Stephen Burton | VP Product Marketing at Moogsoft

Stephen is VP of Product Marketing at Moogosft. He previously ran Product Marketing at Glassdoor, as well as AppDynamics, where he helped disrupt and transform the application performance management (APM) market. Stephen has also held senior product management and pre-sales positions at Symantec and VERITAS software.

By spending much of his time speaking with IT leaders across the Global 2000, Stephen understands the top enterprise initiatives in IT Ops and DevOps for 2017, and is dedicated to educating the enterprise on how algorithms and modern workflows can be leveraged to automate and streamline incident management.

Steve Zurier | Founder at Zfeatures

As an independent technology writer and the mind behind Zfeatures, Steve is interested in hearing from IT leaders about new technology trends across businesses of all stripes. The topics he’s most interested in include IT analytics, cyber insurance, e-commerce, IoT and connected home security and threat intelligence.

Nancy Gohring | Senior Analyst at 451 Research

Nancy Gohring covers application and infrastructure performance for 451 Research, including IT monitoring, application performance management and log management. Prior to joining 451 Research, Nancy was Editor in Chief of the enterprise IT publications at FierceMarkets. She launched the DevOps publication, setting the editorial direction for the new coverage area, and oversaw seven publications aimed at senior enterprise IT executives.

At 451, Nancy covers nearly every AIOps vendor and constantly speaks with enterprise organizations to learn about their challenges and recommend solutions. Nancy consistently writes insightful reports on top vendors in the AIOps sector.

Steve Dodson | Tech Lead, Machine Learning at Elastic

Steve Dodson focuses on all machine learning research and development for Elastic and actively evangelizes new algorithmic techniques and methodologies.

Prior to Elastic, Steve was the Founder/CTO of Prelert, acquired by Elastic. Before that, Steve was a founding member of the Riversoft engineering team, where he led the design of the topology driven root-cause analysis technology used today within IBM Tivoli Netcool, HP OpenView, and Cisco management tools.

Jim Silvera | Cloud Solutions Evangelist, Cloud Management BU at VMware)

Jim is a Senior IT Professional, Thought Leader and Solution Evangelist with international experience in managing, implementing, testing and selling technology and mission critical business solutions, including experiences in the financial, government, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, retail, services, telecommunication, travel and transportation industries. Jim has held leadership roles at VMware, Numara, Intuit and IBM.

At VMware, Jim leads evangelism for all Cloud Management solutions, including vSphere with Operations Management, Vrealize Suite and the vCloud Suite.

Andy Brown | Investor, Advisor

Andy currently advises a variety of companies focused on improving the functions of IT. Previously, Andy was the Group CTO at UBS, headed Architecture Strategy and Optimization for Bank of America, and has served as the Infrastructure CTO at Credit-Suisse, and the Chief Technology Architect at Merrill Lynch.

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