A System of Record & A System of Engagement
Sahil Khanna | July 14, 2016

Two critical key components in a comprehensive monitoring ecosystem: How ServiceNow & Moogsoft should be leveraged together.

Two critical key components in a comprehensive monitoring ecosystem: How ServiceNow & Moogsoft should be leveraged together.

In a digital age when everything — from networks to servers to applications — has become fluid, delivering a high quality of service has become increasingly complex. IT Ops data has become exponentially larger than it used to be. Operations teams are spread across geographies and most times adopt multiple different monitoring tools while still trying to achieve a common goal — availability. Standardizing on monitoring methodologies has become critical not only to curb the ever increasing number of incidents an organization has to resolve, but also because without a ‘Big View’ into your infrastructure and services, delivering high quality service becomes a difficult goal to maintain.

Leading global organizations such as GoDaddy and HCL have found that, in addition to having a comprehensive ecosystem of monitoring tools, it is also critical to have two key components: a System of Engagement, and a System of Record. Without standardization on these components, collaboration when something breaks is not only difficult but sparks the ‘War Room’ scenario where 20 people jump on a bridge call to try and figure out where the fault lies. Without that ‘Single Pane of Glass’ that allows teams to gain insight across stacks, they are often operating blindly, increasing MTTD and MTTR.

Moogsoft is your System of Engagement

While tools like ServiceWatch can streamline the process of creating Service Maps, at the end of the day you still need a team with deep knowledge of business service topology and an accurate CMDB which generally exists only in theory. Once you have an aggregated set of alerts enabled by your Service Map, how exactly do you get teams across your organization to engage?

“We see the CMDB in true sense [as] a Graph Model, which would store the Service Map information across a Hybrid Enterprise, and we see the OMDB [Operations Management Database] being evolved to using extensive Machine Learning and Graph Algorithms — tools like Moogsoft — to be able to process real-time service models from various sources, and be continuously referencing the Service Map for the greater benefit of the Enterprise.”

Kalyan Kumar, EVP & CTO, HCL Technologies

Any technology that relies solely on the accuracy of a CMDB is not a solution that can maintain data integrity over time. With Moogsoft, there’s no need to create a Service Map for incident detection and remediation. Although Moogsoft doesn’t require or rely on a CMDB, it can use already populated data to ‘decorate’ situations with meaningful information. Integrating with a CMDB used for change management can flag situations that are related to a change and often help determine root cause more quickly.

How Does It Work?

By using a blend of machine-learning algorithms, applied to massive volumes of IT telemetry from your entire monitoring ecosystem, Moogsoft can understand complex relationships across your applications, network, and infrastructure, to cluster them into Situations. A Situation is a group of related alerts that narrates the lifecycle of an Incident, beginning to end.

Based on several attributes of the alerts clustered into a Situation, Moogsoft understands the impact as well as which teams are needed to resolve the incident, and automatically invites them into the Situation Room.

With rich context, visualizations, embedded third party tools, and a Chat Ops enabled discussion thread, Moogsoft’s Situation Room is the ideal system of engagement for all IT Operations teams.

Once an incident has been detected, engaged, and resolved, there needs to be a system of record…

ServiceNow is your System of Record

With detailed information around active and inactive incidents, change & release, configuration management, service catalogs, knowledge articles and more, ServiceNow is the optimal system of record for IT organizations at large enterprises and service providers.

ServiceNow enables teams to leverage best practices from previous incidents to increase productivity with minimal effort. ServiceNow is a tool for leadership to understand and measure success across their organizations. Without a single system of record, you are stuck looking for bits and pieces of information from disparate collection of tools.

For more information, check out Incident.MOOG on the ServiceNow Store.

Emily Duncan contributed to this blog post.

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