Moogsoft and PagerDuty: Boosting DevOps Teams’ Productivity and Incident Resolution with AIOps
Adam Frank | April 28, 2020

A seamless, bi-directional integration between the platforms provides fast identification of both root causes and the IT team members that must be engaged to solve the problem

A seamless, bi-directional integration between the platforms provides fast identification of both root causes and the IT team members that must be engaged to solve the problem

Today, the customer experience drives IT on all levels. In our digitally transformed world, we do everything online — transact, interact, purchase and more. This mandates constant change and zero downtime.

Ironically, as enterprises adopt IT innovations, IT environments get harder to manage and impact the productivity and agility of DevOps and SRE teams — and as a result, the customer experience suffers. Because the digital services these teams build and support drive the business, seamless IT operations are key for success.

To help DevOps and SRE teams provide optimal levels of service uptime and reliability, Moogsoft and PagerDuty have created a joint offering with seamless, bi-directional integration between their platforms.

It increases productivity within teams, and across all teams, allowing them to detect anomalies early and quickly, and immediately engages the right individuals and teams.

The integrated solution includes the following functionality:

  • Ingesting observability and monitoring data
  • Accurately detecting anomalies
  • Automatically surfacing important events from noise
  • Correlating alerts to provide the incident context needed
  • Engaging the right teams the first time
  • Accelerating detection, response and resolution of problems
  • Streamlining the post-mortem process

Combining Moogsoft and Pagerduty frees DevOps teams to focus on mission-critical tasks, and build better services for better customer experiences. You and your teams can move swiftly, stay focused, and resolve incidents before they disrupt your customer experiences and cause impact to your business. All of this is accomplished by integrating with the tools and infrastructure you’ve invested in over the years and adding a critical layer of intelligence.

PagerDuty Integration 1

Moogsoft AIOps

Moogsoft is the critical layer of intelligence between performance monitoring and IT Service Management (ITSM) systems – including application, cloud service, and infrastructure monitoring systems – allowing DevOps and SRE teams to proactively identify and resolve incidents before they impact business services.

Moogsoft accomplishes this by applying patented AI & machine learning algorithms to your observability and monitoring data, surfacing and correlating important alerts from all sources into actionable, contextual incidents. This results in less noise and effective identification of probable root cause alerts, while also prescribing potential solutions based on previous resolution steps and recycled knowledge from past incidents. In addition, Moogsoft AIOps’ Situation Room allows team members to collaborate in a central place.


PagerDuty is a Real-Time Operations platform that bi-directionally syncs information with Moogsoft, intelligently gathers signals from all sources using ML, and engages the right people to take the right action when seconds matter. PagerDuty simplifies and understands complex team structures, engagement methods, on-call schedules, and escalation paths, ensuring the right people can acknowledge, understand and collaborate around the globe.

Moogsoft AIOps and PagerDuty integration

PagerDuty Integration 2

When Moogsoft surfaces an incident, it is sent to PagerDuty in real-time. Based on the insights derived from the underlying data through the algorithms applied by Moogsoft, PagerDuty knows the exact teams and people that need to take action and the teams and people that need to be informed.

Users have the context they need to respond using a variety of options including acknowledging, escalating and more. They can also add comments and notes directly from PagerDuty.

Moogsoft AIOps’ Situation Room allows all users to share a consistent view, while both platforms stay in sync throughout the lifecycle of the incident. Once the incident is resolved, PagerDuty streamlines post-mortems to speed up future response, by leveraging Moogsoft’s historical knowledge of prior, similar incidents.

The challenge: DevOps teams fragmentation

The typical enterprise has tens or hundreds of DevOps teams working independently on their own microservice. Each team has its own responsibilities, and its own tools, and it often doesn’t communicate outside their APIs.

This has decentralized operations teams, and created confusing problem-escalation paths when apps malfunction. How can these teams achieve insights and awareness across their applications, infrastructure and ultimately business services, as incidents occur in real-time?

Understanding where incidents are occurring and how they impact services and customers requires the following:

  • surfacing important events from the noise
  • understanding the relationships between alerts
  • obtaining the context needed to engage the right teams and people

Another challenge is getting the right DevOps engineers to promptly acknowledge, respond to, and resolve incidents when critical incidents require an immediate response from multiple people from multiple teams.

How do you contact them, especially when they’re geographically dispersed, and have complex on-call schedules and different escalation processes?

As companies transform their business with a customer-experience focus and digital-first mentality, they realize this effort must involve transforming their technology operations.

Give Moogsoft and PagerDuty’s solution a try

Improve service delivery quality. Watch alert volumes go down and see productivity go up. Simplify and automate your incident management process to detect and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Try Moogsoft & PagerDuty together for yourself.

Click the following link(s) for more information on the Moogsoft-PagerDuty integration.

Moogsoft is the AI-driven observability leader that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps. Moogsoft delivers the most advanced cloud-native, self-service platform for software engineers, developers and operators to instantly see everything, know what’s wrong and fix things faster.

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