Moogsoft & New Relic: Providing Situational Awareness for IT Ops and DevOps
Sahil Khanna | November 2, 2015

Connect Moogsoft & New Relic to collect & correlates alerts, provide situational awareness, facilitate Ops collaboration.

Connect Moogsoft & New Relic to collect & correlates alerts, provide situational awareness, facilitate Ops collaboration.

Equipping your infrastructure with the right monitoring tools is a key strategy to staying ahead in a highly competitive industry. Large organizations are choosing New Relic to monitor their applications to avoid critical failures and performance issues. This is why Moogsoft now features an out-of-the-box integration with New Relic. New Relic events can be analyzed by Incident.MOOG and correlated with other infrastructure or monitoring events across your environment, allowing IT Operations teams to restore service-impacting incidents faster than ever before.

New Relic Generates Alerts Related to Application Logic

New Relic is a leading cloud-based APM solution that provides users with all the information needed to identify, fix and restore applications. But what if the application isn’t the root-cause of an application-related incident?

For example, when a severity one incident occurs, like an outage, customers may get thousands of events and alerts—some may be from New Relic, and some may be from the other tools in their environment. The question is, what do all these events or alerts mean? And what application, server, or device is causing the problem?

Imagine that there is a network device failure between your application servers and the database, and as a result your end user and application response times slow down and you start to receive a storm of alerts every minute.

New Relic can detect failed transactions for users and slow response times on the application because transactions can no longer reach the database. It can show numerous errors within the application and connections to the database, and it will appear that the application is the problem.

New Relic also knows response time between components, but it can’t break them down to network response time and server processing time because the database server is unreachable. You would have to look at all of the application events to piece together the problem. You might ask yourself, ‘Did the database server go down?’

Moogsoft Provides Situational Awareness

By integrating with Moogsoft, New Relic users can now see how problems unfolded, along with the cascade effect that led to symptoms being shown in the application. This is known as Situational Awareness. In other words, Moogsoft is designed to be able to indicate that there was a failure in a network device, causing connectivity to the database to fail, which caused application requests to the database to time out, and ultimately led to the failure of end-user transactions.

Understanding how a failure occurred, along with its root-cause provides DevOps and IT Ops teams with a single, unified context to the Situation (the alerts that indicate both causality and collateral impact), allowing the responsible stakeholders to quickly diagnose and resolve service-impacting issues. Once a Situation has been identified, Moogsoft goes one step further and creates a virtual war room – known as the Situation Room – so that the responsible stakeholders can collaborate in real-time to resolve issues before customers are even impacted.

Key Takeaways

When integrated with New Relic, Moogsoft accomplishes three things for IT Operations teams:

  • Moogsoft automatically collects and correlates alert/incidents generated by New Relic, along with all network, storage and application components in real-time.
  • Moogsoft provides full Situational Awareness by showing the root cause and associated symptoms that unfolded within one continuous narrative.
  • Moogsoft allows IT Operations teams to collaborate better and resolve incidents faster to maintain optimal performance of all your applications and services.

Moogsoft is a pioneer and leading provider of AIOps solutions that help IT teams work faster and smarter. With patented AI analyzing billions of events daily across the world’s most complex IT environments, the Moogsoft AIOps Platform helps the world’s top enterprises avoid outages, automate service assurance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.
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