Get More Out of your Icinga Investment with Moogsoft

| Tuesday September 27 2016

Leverage machine learning algorithms to integrate data from the Icinga monitoring tool into Moogsoft AIOPs.

Get More Out of your Icinga Investment with Moogsoft

Icinga is widely used today across enterprise IT organizations. In order to automate the bulk of the operational workflow, ops teams are now investing in Moogsoft for its machine learning capabilities. In this post, I’ll explain how to integrate Moogsoft with your existing Icinga investment to leverage these benefits.

Moogsoft’s Icinga LAM

The Icinga LAM (Link Access Module) is a Moogsoft Communities provided and supported integration. The purpose of this integration is to integrate events from Icinga to Incident.MOOG through a Socket LAM.

Here is a high level data flow:

Incinga Moog Integration

2 Simple Steps to the Icinga Integration

  1. Add Script to Global Event Handler: Create simple script to pass macros to a socket.
  2. Setup Icinga LAM: Create simple Socket LAM.

Let’s Do This

Click to access the step-by-step process & code as a TXT file.

Once you open the TXT file, you will be walked through the setup, and you can copy / paste the code you need to implement this LAM.


Here is a simple example of a Icinga alert:

Moog Incigna Alert

Custom info:

Moog Incigna Alert 2

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