Fresh Round of “Lunch & Learn” Webinars to Focus on Virtual NOCs
Juan Perez | May 1, 2020

Moogsoft continues its live demo series with four new sessions focused on how AIOps helps Ops teams create virtual NOCs

Moogsoft continues its live demo series with four new sessions focused on how AIOps helps Ops teams create virtual NOCs

By forcing Ops teams to telework, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of virtual NOCs that, underpinned by AIOps, facilitate remote collaboration and automate incident management.

It’s also become clear that the virtual NOC isn’t a temporary fix that’ll go away with the current crisis. Instead, the AIOps-powered virtual NOC offers Ops teams game-changing benefits over the tools and processes traditionally employed in physical NOCs.

In other words, the virtual NOC has become the preferred and most effective work environment for Ops teams — now and in the future — allowing them to maintain the uptime and stability of digital services by accelerating incident detection and resolution, 

With an AIOps-fueled virtual NOC, Ops teams get the flexibility, speed, and agility they need to work from anywhere, and to monitor and manage highly dynamic and complex IT environments — during normal times and during a global crisis that upends all aspects of life and work.

To give our customers guidance and insight into building virtual NOCs with an AIOps foundation, Moogsoft will continue the “lunch and learn” live demo series we began last month with four new sessions in May, each one led by one of our AIOps experts.

Tune into the sessions so you can better understand how AIOps acts as the brain and central nervous system of the virtual NOC, coordinating and bringing together all processes, data and tools involved in the IT operations workflow.

The Business Value of AIOps

Thur May 7 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

AIOps is helping organizations transform and build virtual NOCs empowering their Ops teams to work smarter from anywhere, especially during this pandemic. This session will showcase  real-life AIOps use cases and the business benefits the organizations attained.

Maximizing Efficiency of Your Virtual NOC with Dashboards

Thur May 14 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

It can be challenging for Ops leaders in a virtual NOC to keep track of the big picture, such as how teams and individuals are meeting objectives. This session explains how Moogsoft AIOps’ pre-built dashboards give everyone — operators, teams, managers — real-time visibility and insights into NOC performance.

How AIOps Optimizes Operational Workflows in a Virtual NOC

Thur May 21 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

This session explains how Moogsoft AIOps automates and streamlines the workflows of remote IT Ops teams. In a demo, attendees will see how faster MTTR is achieved by eliminating false positives, pinpointing root causes, engaging the right individuals and leveraging past knowledge for precise solutions.

Dynamic Topology Builder: Simple as 1-2-3

Thur May 28 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

This session explains how the new Moogsoft feature Dynamic Topology Builder provides insights into infrastructures’ overall health and helps Ops teams: identify root causes faster and more precisely; understand the full impact of emerging issues; and accelerate their resolution — all critical capabilities for Ops teams working in virtual NOCs.

Visit the series’ main page to get more information.

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