Introducing Moogsoft AIOps ‘Next Steps’
Sahil Khanna | April 18, 2017

Save time & resources with AIOps — use the Next Steps feature to apply knowledge from past Situations to potential future issues.

Save time & resources with AIOps — use the Next Steps feature to apply knowledge from past Situations to potential future issues.

In the new release of Moogsoft AIOps, tribal knowledge is automatically captured and democratized for decision-support, by leveraging supervised machine learning.

Decision Support through ‘Next Steps’

‘Next Steps’ is a feature that recommends resolution steps for Situations. This saves users time in running diagnostics and identifying the root cause when that type of issue has occurred and been resolved in the past. Users can simply enter the Situation Room, check if there is information populated in ‘Next Steps,’ and execute that step to close out that incident.

  • The ‘Next Steps” field offers guidance and suggested actions for a given Situation, to optimize workflow and train users.
  • The ‘Similar Situations’ field automatically surfaces recent, similar Situations for potential automation of resolution tactics.

Why Did We Build It?

Tribal knowledge and domain expertise are some of the most valuable assets an IT organization has, yet instead of sharing knowledge by documenting the root cause of incidents and remediation steps taken, ITOps and DevOps typically move on to the next issue at hand.

The core benefit of the Moogsoft Situation Room is that all communication, diagnostics, and remediation are centralized in a single location. If we can surface knowledge for critical Situations, our customers can save loads of time troubleshooting, and spend more time innovating.

How Does it Work?

Next Steps is powered by Moogsoft’s knowledge algorithm (a supervised machine-learning algorithm) that gets trained from user-supplied feedback. Once an incident has been resolved, users can simply tag a step as the ‘Resolving Step’ to teach the knowledge algorithm.

If a similar Situation is created in the future, Moogsoft will identify that the cluster of alerts and the attributes of those alerts are indeed similar, and will populate the Next Steps area with the recommended resolving step.

Resolving steps can be positively or negatively reinforced through the thumbs up or thumbs down button to achieve optimal accuracy.

  • A check box in the upper-right side of the user comment notes the Resolving Step in this Situation.

Watch a Brief Demo of Next Steps

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