IBM Responds to Moogsoft: “We’re Totally Relevant, We Swear”
Mike Silvey | May 2, 2016

It’s very noble of IBM to issue a public defense to our assessment that Netcool is irrelevant. But they missed a few things.

It’s very noble of IBM to issue a public defense to our assessment that Netcool is irrelevant. But they missed a few things.

We think it’s very noble of IBM to issue a public defense to our assessment that Tivoli Netcool is irrelevant. Here’s what IBM failed to mention in their post:

  1. IBM’s stock price is dropping because they’re not making enough sales
  2. IBM’s Board is under pressure from shareholders to increase the stock price
  3. IBM’s stock price can only increase if they bring in more revenue this quarter, therefore:
  4. IBM’s sales and marketing teams are being told to do whatever it takes to sell more – specifically software (like Tivoli Netcool) which comes with recurring charges such as  services charges,etc – including writing blog posts that claim they are relevant.

So in that sense we agree 100%. Tivoli Netcool is very relevant to IBM – they need to sell more software! But we hold by our original claim, which is that Tivoli Netcool is completely irrelevant to any modern business. And if words like “cloud, elastic datacenters, virtualized compute, software-defined datacenters, DevOps, fixed and mobile IMS/voice, IP video/TV, SDN/NFV and virtualized services” mean anything to you at all then we think you will agree: IBM Tivoli Netcool is a jurassic technology not suited for the modern age.

Why Should You Replace IBM Tivoli Netcool?

Any Service Assurance, Event Management or Operations Management toolset which can only detect “known knowns”, because it needs to be trained to create models and then those models need to be maintained.  And if your toolset misses the “unknown unknowns” – which comprise a significant portion of issues leading to downtime / service interruptions – then your customer experience will suffer.

This  applies not only to IBM Tivoli Netcool, NOI, SCAPI but also BMC Event Manager / BEM / BPPM / Truepoint (or whatever they have renamed Avant Garde / Boole and Babbage’s 30-year old software this week), CA-Nimsoft and CA-SOI, HP OpenView Operations / Operations Manager / Operations Bench (or whatever they are calling a tool that only just got de-duplication after 20 years), and then of course, the Netcool clones like Monolith  (just the name makes me think of the Stone Age Men from 2001: A Space Odyssey).

Bottom line, folks: if your job is the assurance and availability management of a modern, agile technology fabric – which includes the full stack from Network through to Applications – you need a system which can indicate the “unknown unknowns.”

It’s a shame, because nobody wants to say goodbye to their baby, but it’s time for our first-born to go off into the long grass.

Goodnight, sweet…”thing?”

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And if you’re an IBM Netcool Tivoli user, you can still achieve the unique business value of real time insight available only through Incident.MOOG. Our Legacy Solution Pak addresses the challenges of your legacy systems by rapidly integrating with your existing IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus processes to offer a single pane of glass across your brownfield, shadow IT and greenfield.

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