AIOps Best Practices Transform Enterprise Monitoring at Fannie Mae
Mike Teeling | November 15, 2019

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae shared their AIOps adoption journey from the stage at Moogsoft User Conference 2019

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae shared their AIOps adoption journey from the stage at Moogsoft User Conference 2019

Fannie Mae at MUC 2019

Jay Rudrachar, Fannie Mae’s Director of Enterprise Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting, recently shared his organization’s AIOps adoption journey at Moogsoft User Conference 2019 in Chicago. Jay's talk was full of valuable insights on AIOps best practices, and the lessons learned.

The Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae, is a publicly traded $12B U.S. government enterprise. Fannie Mae expands the secondary mortgage market by securitizing mortgage loans in the form of mortgage-backed securities. Founded during the Great Depression, Fannie Mae is a Fortune 500 company today.

By leveraging the Moogsoft AIOps platform, Fannie Mae’s multiple IT Operations teams now have a "single pane of glass" that delivers a comprehensive, holistic view into what’s going on in every area of their IT environment. This has yielded significant incident detection and resolution benefits, and improvements in system uptime and reliability.

Why Did Fannie Mae Choose AIOps?

Jay and his team turned to AIOps in order to better support Fannie Mae’s digital transformation drive. The organization's AI strategy addressed the IT Operations challenges faced as IT modernized and improved enterprise monitoring across the board.

Fannie Mae called its vision “SMART IT”, where AIOps would help enable state-of-the-art monitoring and centralized incident management to assure better customer experiences. Jay's prime directives were to decrease the time it took to detect and fix IT issues, and eventually to prevent future outages using the power of Moogsoft's machine learning (ML).

Fannie Mae first embarked on a tool rationalization project, looking at how many monitoring tools they had, and for what purpose. Fannie Mae also identified gaps in monitoring tool functionality. Armed with the results, they were able to tame tool sprawl.

AIOps Best Practices Transform Fannie Mae's Enterprise Monitoring

Jay shared how the AI and ML capabilities of Moogsoft Enterprise play a central part in the transformation of Fannie Mae’s enterprise monitoring by:

  • Sifting through real-time data to provide key insights into the IT stack’s health and performance
  • Helping with anomaly detection and historical data analysis for predictive insights
  • Correlating anomalies to create unique situations with business-impact information
  • Aiding in better collaboration for faster service restoration
  • Identifying recurring issues and performing automated action and self-healing
  • Optimizing root cause detection and resolutions

On the technology front, Jay shared that it’s key for the AIOps solution chosen to be scalable, secure and resilient. To ease design and deployment, it must integrate with existing enterprise operations tool investments. At Fannie Mae these include xMatters and ServiceNow.

Moogsoft was selected for these requirements, and more. Jay noted the availability of custom algorithms and recipes, and Moogsoft's automation capabilities. Finally, he stressed how critical data quality was to their success.

But it’s not all about the technology, Jay explained.

People and processes are both equally as important for a successful AIOps journey. That involves building awareness and adoption, ensuring executive stakeholder buy-in, and providing plenty of user training. Fast adoption of the AIOps-powered IT incident management system ensured that Moogsoft spread across multiple teams. The right workflows were put in place to optimize operational efficiency.

“It's this combination of technological innovation and cultural fit that are the keys to the success of our implementation,” Jay told the 200-plus customers and partners attending Moogsoft User Conference 2019.

The Benefits of AIOps Best Practices at Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae realized a number of key benefits with its adherence to AIOps best practices.

Fannie Mae now has complete visibility on its monitoring ecosystem. The entire IT organization enjoys the higher operational efficiency possible with alert noise reduction and clustering.

IT Operations teams enjoy improved collaboration via Moogsoft Enterprise's Situation Room. The improved workflows that Moogsoft supports have lead to lower MTTD and MTTR via root-cause identification.

Knowledge capture and recycling adds the power of predictive insights about what might happen. Some anomalies now enjoy self-healing through the automation of recurring situations.

Last but not least, AIOps at Fannie Mae has resulted in happier customers.


If you’re interested in learning more about Fannie Mae’s use of Moogsoft AIOps:

  • Watch the full video of Jay Rudrachar's presentation at Moogsoft User Conference 2019
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