Exclusive Resource: “An Introduction to AIOps,” Featuring Gartner Research
Sahil Khanna | March 8, 2017

Learn how AIOps benefits enterprise digital transformation in an environment of change, scale, and increasing complexity.

Learn how AIOps benefits enterprise digital transformation in an environment of change, scale, and increasing complexity.

Digital transformation, speed of delivery and IT service quality comprise the new competitive edge for the enterprise. Ensuring optimal user experience is now a matter of life or death for IT Operations and DevOps teams. We have seen rapid adoption of trends like agile development, DevOps, cloud and microservices to help the enterprise to move faster. This shift, however, poses two core challenges for enterprise IT: scale, and change.

Enterprises are now typically using 10-25 different monitoring tools across their apps, network, and infrastructure to maintain visibility into the health of their business services. It’s common for these tools to generate millions of events and alerts each day for IT Operations to analyze, correlate, prioritize, and action.

And if it’s millions of events today, it’s billions tomorrow. Are you ready?

Introducing Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps)

As humans, we are all subject to cognitive limitation. We’ve reached a point where even the smartest, most capable human operators can no longer cope with the volumes of events being generated by their environments.

Today, algorithms are capable of processing millions of events and deriving meaning from large datasets without human input — all in just milliseconds.

In response to the modern application of algorithms to IT Operations, Gartner has recently created a category called Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps).

“Algorithmic IT operations platforms enable I&O leaders to meet the proactive, personal and dynamic demands of digital business by transforming the very nature of IT operations work via unprecedented, automated insight”

-Colin Fletcher, Research Director of ITOM at Gartner

AIOps can be applied to automate many use cases within IT Operations. Read the new newsletter by Moogsoft — including research and recommendations from Gartner — about how leading enterprises like HCL, GoDaddy, and SuccessFactors are leveraging AIOps as a competitive edge to their IT Operations strategies.

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