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moogsoft | April 15, 2019

Here at Moogsoft, we don’t shout about it, but social responsibility is a shared value.

Here at Moogsoft, we don’t shout about it, but social responsibility is a shared value.

Planning world domination of the AIOps market is a great day job. But Moogsoft is not just a corporation. We strive to be a good corporate citizen as well. The company at large, as well as individual employees, take part in a number of philanthropic activities in the communities where we live and work.

Recently our London office sponsored some youth sport programs with winning results. Sponsored athletes have competed in areas as diverse as cricket, tennis and go-kart racing.

Kids Cricket Tournament in London

Moogsoft is a proud sponsor of the Capital Kids Cricket charity which runs the largest indoor cricket league serving underprivileged children in state schools and hospitals throughout London. The tournament of 400+ matches involved 2500 children from 180 primary schools across 19 London boroughs. On March 28th, after knockout rounds and semi-finals, eight teams met in the grand final at the Lord’s Cricket Academy (which we’re told is the “Fenway Park of cricket”).

Following a round robin format, the championship match was held between Elmhurst Primary School (Newham) and Manor Longbridge Primary (Barking and Dagenham). Elmhurst batted and achieved an impressive innings score of 104. Unfortunately Manor Longbridge were unable to match this total, leaving Elmhurst Primary ultimately victorious!

Elmhurst was proudly awarded the Moogsoft William Greaves Trophy for 2018-2019, presented by our own chief science officer Dr. Rob Harper.

Our Junior Tennis Champ

Matilda Mutavdzic, age 14, has proven a tough competitor on tennis courts around the world. The International Tennis Federation ranks her within the top 135 junior girls in the world. As of this writing, Matilda has a career record of 44-15 in singles competition, and 31-13 in doubles.

She began her 2018-2019 world tour back in December in Pune, India followed by tournaments in Costa Rica, Columbia and Ecuador. After completing the Central and Southern America tour, Matilda headed to victory in the singles tournament in Oslo (6-4; 6-1 in the finals) and repeated this again in Pretoria (6-2; 6-2 in the finals) at the beginning of March, as well as, being runner up in the doubles.

Matilda’s grass court season starts in June at Nottingham in the U.K. Moogsoft is proud to sponsor her.

Go-Kart Racer in Italy Series

Go-kart racing is motorsport for everyone. Many of today’s famous drivers on the Formula One and Nascar circuits began in go-karting. Kart engine manufacturer IAME based in Italy has 50 years of history in the sport. The IAME International Series is one of the most prestigious circuits in which up and coming drivers can compete.

Moogsoft is a proud sponsor of Edward Barioli of the U.K., a 12-year old racer with motor oil in his veins. March saw the start of the 2019 IAME Series season in Italy with Edward competing in a three-day event at South Garda Karting, a raceway located in Brescia, east of Milan. After initial group qualifiers, the racing began with a series of three qualifying heats of 12 laps each to determine who would race in the final 34 and their subsequent grid position. Unfortunately, Edward picked up a penalty starting in the 14th position, but within only three laps he sped his way into the top ten!

He’s currently in 18th place in the overall championship and now moves into the new 125cc engine category. This means the final race increases from five to 17 laps. As the second fastest driver for all the combined heats, Edward and his team can now compete at the top of the category. Go Edward go!

Read more about Moogsoft’s company values on our Careers page.

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