AWS OpsCenter & Moogsoft AIOps: a Powerful Combination
Craig Yenni | July 15, 2019

Moogsoft introduces native integration with AWS OpsCenter for improved IT issue resolution.

Moogsoft introduces native integration with AWS OpsCenter for improved IT issue resolution.

Moogsoft now offers native integration with AWS OpsCenter for improved IT issue resolution within AWS Systems Manager, the operational hub for AWS and hybrid cloud deployments.

AWS OpsCenter is a central location for DevOps engineers to view, investigate, and resolve operational issues across various AWS services in their environment. Moogsoft is a proud partner of AWS that provides AI and machine learning capabilities including reduction of alert noise, event clustering, root cause analysis and remediation workflow features. The combination of AWS OpsCenter and Moogsoft AIOps helps to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and improve service delivery of critical applications.

AWS OpsCenter and Moogsoft AIOps now enjoy two-way integration. When a new Situation is created in Moogsoft, a new OpsItem is also generated in OpsCenter. Moogsoft industrializes the ingestion of OpsItem data that add contextual insight to aid investigation and remediation actions in OpsCenter’s collaborative environment.

To discover more about this new integration offering, AWS has published an in-depth blog on the subject. Included is a use case example on an auto-scaling failure scenario. Read more at the AWS Management Tools Blog.










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