Manage IT Alert Fatigue Before it Burns You Out
Sahil Khanna | August 23, 2016
Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx, discusses the best techniques for handling alert fatigue in an era in era of ever-increasing IT complexity.

On August 23rd, industry analyst Jason Bloomberg presented a Moogsoft-sponsored webinar to share five essential techniques that IT professionals at large organizations should be leveraging in order to manage alert fatigue. Jason is the President of Intellyx, and Moogsoft are the creators of Moogsoft AIOps, a next-generation approach to IT Operations and Analytics that helps Enterprises & Service Providers deliver consistently excellent customer experiences.

The Issue of Alert Fatigue

While enterprise IT environments in the past were largely composed of physical components, had well-defined parameters, tightly-coupled integrations, were centrally managed, and experienced carefully planned and infrequent changes, that’s just not the case today. Digital performance in the modern era is end-to-end and top-to-bottom. The network, hardware, physical and virtual infrastructure containers, and applications must all perform, and therefore must be properly instrumented to enable operations teams to constantly monitor the health and performance of each component to prevent any impact to service. The result of this increasing complexity and growing number of alert sources is the unfortunate reality of modern IT ops: Alert Fatigue.

The Solution

Standard techniques that most organizations currently rely on, such as static thresholding or filtering, only obstruct visibility and increase the chances of missing important information that can potentially impact service.

The good news is that there are cutting-edge approaches to addressing IT alert fatigue, solutions that can enable Ops teams to focus on the information they need to solve problems quickly, and keep everything running smoothly. So what techniques and technologies are leading IT organizations leveraging to address alert fatigue and present ops with manageable workloads?

Watch the recording of this webinar to learn about the challenges of alert fatigue that face IT leaders across large enterprises and services providers, and the 5 essential techniques that IT Ops teams should be leveraging in order to overcome alert fatigue and offer their customers a better quality of service that was previously impossible.

Click here to view the Webinar Recording.

Moogsoft is a pioneer and leading provider of AIOps solutions that help IT teams work faster and smarter. With patented AI analyzing billions of events daily across the world’s most complex IT environments, the Moogsoft AIOps platform helps the world’s top enterprises avoid outages, automate service assurance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

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