Diving Deep into Vertex Entropy and Situation Topology Visualization — Coming Soon in Moogsoft AIOps Version 7
Phil Tee | August 29, 2018
We’re giving IT teams a clear understanding of the root cause of any customer-impacting problem through a visually rich system topology map.

In addition to today’s announcement of Moogsoft Observe, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at a series of new features coming to our AIOps platform.

In our upcoming release of Moogsoft AIOps version 7, available this October, we will be going a leap forward in providing IT teams with unparalleled insights into the root cause of any problem, as well as full visibility into the relationships across complex IT processes, applications, and devices.

Included in Moogsoft AIOps version 7 are two key new features: Vertex Entropy and Situation Topology Visualization. Together, these features will help IT teams understand the root cause of any customer-impacting problem in a dynamic setting through a rich system topology visualization.

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This is real IP that you simply cannot get anywhere else – not generic, off-the-shelf AI/ML.

As is the case with the suite of Moogsoft’s technology, Vertex Entropy is a patented AI algorithm that was developed between Moogsoft and our research partners at the University of Sussex. It’s important to note that Vertex Entropy is purpose-built for the most complex IT use cases in the world’s largest enterprise environments. This is real IP that you simply cannot get anywhere else – not generic, off-the-shelf AI/ML.

Here’s how it works: Vertex Entropy ingests your system’s topology data and uses advanced graph theory-based AI to quickly and efficiently identify which nodes are most likely to have causal events within the context of a Situation. Together with Probable Root Cause Analysis, Vertex Entropy helps you identify the root cause of any customer-impacting problem.

When developing Vertex Entropy, we found ourselves tackling one of the most daunting challenges we’ve ever encountered. Up until now, understanding what is truly important across a modern, complex, enterprise topology structure has been next-to-impossible due in no small part to the sheer amount of data that would need to be ingested and processed.

However, with Vertex Entropy, we created a new method of analysis that requires only local information about your nodes in order to operate, enabling massive (and massively scalable) insights from a small data subset.

Working hand-in-hand with Vertex Entropy is our new Situation Topology Visualization. While Vertex Entropy works on the back-end, the Situation Topology Visualization displays the nodes that are important causally – while de-emphasizing nodes that are not important – within any Situation. With Situation Topology Visualization, you always have a clear and multiperspectival view into your system topology.

We are working around-the-clock to bring Moogsoft AIOps version 7 to all of our customers, and will be sure to have these new features in your hands come October. If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest news regarding this new release, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Moogsoft is a pioneer and leading provider of AIOps solutions that help IT teams work faster and smarter. With patented AI analyzing billions of events daily across the world’s most complex IT environments, the Moogsoft AIOps platform helps the world’s top enterprises avoid outages, automate service assurance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

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