Moogsoft Express Helps DevOps and SRE Teams Develop More and Operate Less
Juan Perez | June 29, 2020

The new cloud-native AIOps product helps to keep CI/CD pipelines humming, detect application problems, and honor SLAs

The new cloud-native AIOps product helps to keep CI/CD pipelines humming, detect application problems, and honor SLAs

“Welcome to Tomorrowland.”

That’s how Moogsoft Chairman and CEO Phil Tee kicked off the launch event of Moogsoft Express, the next-generation AIOps and observability solution built from the ground up for DevOps and SRE teams.

The reference to a better future is fitting. With its arrival, Moogsoft Express helps these teams maintain visibility and control over increasingly complex CI/CD pipelines, so they can detect issues earlier, fix them faster and prevent outages.

“We use observability married to AIOps to power us into the world of the virtual NOC and allow us to take advantage of the next wave of digital infrastructure change,” Tee said during the event “Moogsoft Express Live.”

With Moogsoft Express automating the incident resolution workflow, DevOps and SRE teams spend less time operating and more time developing the digital services that transform their organizations and boost business.

It does this by applying AIOps’ algorithmic analysis and correlation to the massive amounts of observability data — metrics, traces and logs — generated by applications and their infrastructure. It ingests this data via its own collector agent, and via API integrations.

Moogsoft Express

As a multi-tenant, SaaS solution that’s easy to deploy, simple to use and affordable, Moogsoft Express democratizes its game-changing capabilities, Tee said. As such, Moogsoft Express is within reach of all DevOps and SRE teams, whether they work at a startup, mid-size company or large enterprise.

It’s already yielding significant benefits for early adopters.

Real world success stories

At Global Mentoring Solutions, an outsourcing provider of IT help desk services, Moogsoft Express helps the staff to work faster and more efficiently. The company feeds the stream of raw alerts from its clients to Moogsoft Express, which filters out the “noise,” correlates relevant alerts, creates context-rich incidents, and, through proactive insights, helps identify root causes.

“All of the metrics and thresholds allow us to dig into an issue, and our people can work very effectively and quickly without wasting time sifting through all the alerts,” CEO Wayne Goldstein said.

Moogsoft Express is also making a difference at Tridiuum, a provider of digital behavioral health solutions whose IT architecture is made up of multiple virtual environments and cloud providers.

“Our alert load is growing rapidly,” said Linux System Administrator James Stewart. The company needed to filter out irrelevant alerts, and zero in on the critical ones for quick and early response.

“Moogsoft Express provides a path towards a single pane overview of our infrastructure,” he said. “It allows us to properly identify and remediate issues, as well as track patterns that lead to issues, for mitigation before outages occur.”

What Moogsoft Express can do for you

As Moogsoft VP of Product & Design Adam Frank explained, the customer experience has become synonymous with the digital experience, and this puts the spotlight on the DevOps and SRE teams entrusted with building and maintaining these business-critical digital services.

Unfortunately, they face a spiraling complexity in their CI/CD environments. “The people who support the digital experience can’t keep pace with the complexity and pace of change,” he said. They often spend more time troubleshooting to maintain uptime than innovating.

They’re not helped by traditional monitoring tools based on manual, user-defined thresholds, which unify observability data on a dashboard and stop there. They don’t deliver insights, surface incidents or identify root causes.

DevOps and SRE teams need an integrated AIOps solution: Moogsoft Express. It identifies anomalies from metrics and correlates them in real-time with other events, traces and logs from the entire application stack. That way, these teams can detect critical incidents early and prevent outages throughout the CI/CD cycle, according to Frank.



Moogsoft Express features intelligent noise-reduction, alert correlation and native observability capabilities, including metrics collection and anomaly detection. It also offers out-of-the-box workflows and integrations with notification and alerting tools.

To get all the details about Moogsoft Express, watch the launch event on-demand. It includes a live demo, as well as a Q&A with Tee, Frank, Goldstein and the audience.

You can also sign up for a free trial of Moogsoft Express, so you can experience hands-on its transformative power.

Below are the answers to questions that weren’t answered during the event.


Can you add custom-built machine learning (ML) models to Moogsoft Express?

Yes, you can add custom-built machine learning models, starting with periodicity models. You’ll be able to select the metric or metrics that are displaying periodicity, then select the granularity and extent, including selecting how often to automatically regenerate the model. You can then apply the model to any number of metrics of your choice.

How do you answer the concerns about the number of agents one must deploy to collect metrics? How lightweight is the Moogsoft Express agent?

We understand you have invested time, effort and money into existing tools. We integrate with your tools — and will continue to do so — and enable you to integrate on your own, so you can drive more value out of them and strengthen your service assurance strategy. Our agent, Moogsoft Collector, is there if you want to replace an existing agent for anomaly detection at the source, or if you haven’t yet deployed an agent to collect metrics.

Can Moogsoft Express feed data to other monitoring solutions like APM tools?

Moogsoft Express was built from the ground up with an API and cloud-native approach. You can use the same APIs and the UI to fetch and send data to any solution of your choice.

Can Moogsoft Express perform cross-domain correlation of network, server and application alerts, to identify root cause quickly?

Yes, in fact, Moogsoft as a company was predicated on the idea, and holds the patent, on correlating alerts from multiple and cross-domain sources using real data science and machine learning.

Will Moogsoft Express features be incorporated into Moogsoft Enterprise, and vice versa? How interoperable are the two products?

The two products interoperate seamlessly today. All alerts generated or ingested by Moogsoft Express can be sent to Moogsoft Enterprise. This way your DevOps teams can own and support their applications while collaborating with the traditional IT NOC teams. You can and will continue to see the best features come together for a cohesive platform.

Can Moogsoft Express work with classic IT systems without APIs or collector channels?

Yes, you can use any out-of-the-box integration to ingest events, then enrich and correlate them, while using the simple and easy to navigate UI and workflow.

What’s the pricing model for Moogsoft Express?

Moogsoft Express was built for smaller DevOps and SRE teams, and with scalability in mind for enterprises, so it’s priced accordingly. There’s several annual subscription packages, starting at $14,995 and incrementing to $99,995 based on the number of reporting entities (or unique data sources). Annual subscriptions include all product updates and technical support.

Watch the full event on-demand, and sign up for a free Moogsoft Express trial.

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