Moogsoft AIOps Real-Time Service Dashboard

The purpose of any dashboard is clear — represent critical information in the most digestible fashion. Unfortunately, we typically hear consumers of these dashboards say things like, “we have too many dashboards to look at,” or “a spike in a chart doesn’t help us,” or maybe “we are blind to service impact,” and “we [...]

Introducing Moogsoft AIOps ‘Next Steps’

In the new release of Moogsoft AIOps, tribal knowledge is automatically captured and democratized for decision-support, by leveraging supervised machine learning. Decision Support through ‘Next Steps’ ‘Next Steps’ is a feature that recommends resolution steps for Situations. This saves users time in running diagnostics and identifying the root cause when that type [...]

Experiencing Macro-Impact from Micro-Changes

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Fault tolerance is now core functionality for modern cloud architectures. The benefit is full automation in orchestrating workloads across enterprise infrastructures, as well as a reduction in careless faults, like running out of CPU. Fault tolerance, however, does not mean zero incidents. Cloud infrastructures are self-healing to a certain degree. Faults, like deviations in [...]

2017 AIOps Symposium Fireside Chat

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Six IT leaders from HCL, GoDaddy & others discuss enterprise cloud migration, the future of operations centers & much more. Moderated by Moogsoft Chief Evangelist Richard Whitehead. The closing session of Moogsoft’s 2017 AIOps Symposium brought together some of the sharpest minds in the IT Operations space for an intimate discussion about the [...]